Putul’s World


Day 21 & 22

Prompt: Paper Dolls

Epitome of Friendship


Little Putul sits in her corner of the pavement

Lovingly uttering words of endearment

The expressionless eyes of her paper dolly

Seemed to overlook her poverty being a folly

The master of the street urchins

A hideous creature reached her in rage shaking

You pathetic girl, good for nothing

Wiling your time instead of begging

Do I dole out food to you mongrels-For idling’?

He shook Putul violently, pulling her by the hair

He looked for the seams of her soul

Where he could her childhood impair

Putul chose to remain calm and impassive

She chose to be her own person in this world placid

She knew, she was different

For the world urchins like her were abhorrent

To the neat societal order they were deterrents

Who could not be supported within urban mechanic arbor

Left to their own wretched fate

They cowered at the beggar masters gate


Putul pitied the urban world and her master baldy

The plastic world of humans to her was a folly

She did not want to be mechanized like them

Chasing money like them to her was a senseless game


Her paper dolly, was her precious gem

A true epitome of friendship

Who never judged her nor made her slave to dictatorship

Her life was hard, unsafe and insecure

Devils tried to stain her mind and body pure

But life on the streets had armed her with arsenals sure

She did not cower, nor hid in her corner of the world

With dolly by her side her fate she twirled

Within her defiance ebbed and swirled

She knew fate could not be standstill

She chose to live life as per her will


Today fate wasn’t by her side

But tomorrow who knows

There could be turn of the tide

Till then she would courageously her time bide

With her paper dolly by her side

She would all hurdles override.


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 21st -22nd April 2016













Day 19 & 20

Prompt: Rara Avis & Tag

Maya was fortunate to have a visitor divine

A rara avis with yellow, blue plumes and eyes benign

A bird that Maya was only fortunate to see

Maybe God wanted it that way to be

Maya had lost her will to live

Battling with cancerous cysts had shaken her belief


Staring at the azure blue sky was her soul’s reprieve

A slice of the bustling world visible from her bedroom window

Was her only escape from her life now held in a limbo

Her static world suddenly came alive with the arrival of the bird

Every day at a particular hour the bird perched on her window sill

The bird’s chirping made Maya realize she had a life ahead of her still

Maya started believing that the bird was sent by Divine force

To guide her on her predestined course

Maya’s heart was set on fire

She dragged herself out of her self-created quagmire

She trudged jauntily every day for her chemotherapy

She fought with death  coercing him to extend  her life’s warranty

A conflagration of her will power consumed death’s resistance

Leaving Maya again with a disease free existence

The rara avis that had tagged along her journey towards faith

Now vanished like a wraith

Day and night Maya waited for her seraph to again sing

Alas!there were no more visists from the celestial being

Maya realized her guide would now no more be seen

Maya imbibed the bird’s message in her soul

One must believe in oneself to reach any goal.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 19th– 20th April 2016










Day 18

Prompt: Joie de Vivre


Throughout the lonely nights the lady wept in pain

Memories of the time she spent with her soldier refused to wane

She lit a lamp every night with a prayer on her lips

Every hour she checked through out the night the flickering wick

Every night, she poured her heart out by strumming the strings of her sitar

She played with so much joie de vivre, that Gods above shed golden tears

Every note sanctified her love for her soldier

The music united the lady with her lover

The clock on the wall had stopped, stalling time

Time and lady waited fervently for the door bell’s chime

One morning the clock tick-tocked again

There was a rainbow in the sky with verdant rain

A tall sinewy figure was spotted walking down her lane

The doorbell chimed, the door flew open

There was no need for any words lame

All pain ebbed from the lady’s slender frame

The sun shone again through her love struck eyes

Fusing her lips she with his she claimed her soul’s prize.


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 18th April 2016




Day 17 & 18

Prompt: 1)The Wall is my sorrow

2)Yes, I have floated on the iceberg of Death


My blood oozes from my veins in a gush

My cuckold soul ebbing out in a rush

Your deceit and treacherous act abhorred

Slashed my heart like a raging sword

I craved death

I detested your every breath

Yes, my love I have floated on the iceberg of death

Since I saw you with another man on our nuptial bed

I was still alive but a walking dead

My faith crushed like the petals of a rose pagan

My emotions frozen into icicle by your treason

Everywhere I turned there were walls sucking my life-force

Till I charted a future course

I stung you with my icy blue lips

Watching remorselessly your red blood




Your consciousness losing its final grip

I embalmed your body on the very same bedroom wall

Your face fading little by little like a mothball

That wall has become my shrine, my sorrow and catharsis

You are entombed eternally on my terms and my space-My nemesis


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 17th -18th April 2016








Day 14

Prompt: Flirtation

Come on baby, it’s just light flirtation

Really uncle? It’s rather termed as-molestation

It just started with furtive touch and accidental brush

Her soul at each touch a little more crushed

She kept quiet bearing this living hell

Her family she could not tell

After all, he was a family friend

Or a disguised fiend?

Her self-worth washed away by salty tears

Her innocence blown away by his painful briars

If you love me you won’t anybody tell, was his constant song

He pushed her in that living hell for a year long

Till one day he pushed his pathetic act further one notch

Throbbing with pain she kicked his vile crotch

She finally broke her silence,

her trauma to her family she dislodged

She threw out the door this human pestilence

She was finally reborn through her resilience.

©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 14th April 2016



DAY 13
Prompt: Petrichor

On a magical rainy night
I am encased in your arms holding me tight
Our hearts absorbed in its own liquid fire
Nature outside the window singing its soulful choir
The freshly washed earth emanating its musky scent
Petrichor -holds our hearts too in its torrent
Drawing our lips together in kisses ardent
We taste the essence of our bodily core
Our bodies arching to draw in more
Our souls pounding in anticipation
Fused into one, our ardor finally reaches new haven
Rain, fusing into earth’s womb draws its salvation
Your musk, enraptures my soul in passionate exultation.

©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 13th April 2016





Day 11 & 12

Prompt :  Et Tu Brute !

Passion Fruit


I hear your ominous laughter

I feel my heart slaughtered

My blood staining the pristine river water

I pull on my dithering will power

To foil the murderous intention of you, my lover

A beastly coward that hitherto I had failed to uncover


Stealthily I swim, stumble, fumble and crawl

While I witness you on the other bank prowl

I feel lost in the abyss of my life now lost its course

Your treachery sucking out my life force

I feel like a fool blind all this while

I nurturing our home through my sweat and toil

While you dug into luscious passion fruits

Planting your seeds night after night into newer soil


I came home tonight ecstatic to share my joy

Scarce knowing that to you I was only a lusty toy

We were about to become parents

Your ballistic reaction to the joyous news was abhorrent

I failed to read your devilish thought current


Your sudden decision to stroll near the river bank

I should have guessed was a precursor to a death prank

One shove, a mighty push

Was enough to complete your deadly ambush!

My soul sank into its own dark abyss chanting Et tu brute?


I lost the will to live; I decided to end this charade crude

By sinking and escaping from this world of brutes

When suddenly I saw streams of light from above

Beckoning my life to touch the river shore

I realized it was a reminder from Heaven

Not to entomb my baby beloved



I swam across the tide willing to rebuild my life

My unborn child steered me towards a course right

I decided to focus ahead without emotional strife,

I am dreaming of a tomorrow vibrant, full of glee.

My little heaven would comprise of my seraphim and me

A new dawn would break and from past we would break free.


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 11-12 April 2016