Lost Humanity



Day 23-24

Prompts: Glass Door & Ad Infinitum


Rows of soldiers stand on two sides of the glass door

Each daring the other to break the door

They have stood as guards since ages

Both sides confined within their vested cages

Every day they stare remorselessly at each other

In not so recent past they called each other brothers

Both sides’ ironically offspring of the same Earth mother

Rulers of both sides every year renew the dictum

Let enmity thrive on each side till ad infinitum-

Divide and rule policy ensured prosperity of respective kingdoms

Hatred bred hatred leading to thriving serfdoms

When, where, how the hostility will end?

Which side would be the first one to bend?

Will they remain foes or blossom as friends?

On both sides will it be Heaven or Hell-

Till date they greet each other with only mortar shells

Glass doors make ideal neighbours

Glass doors resist free borders

Mankind need to stop being humanity’s marauders

By stepping forward and shattering the glass door

Enveloping each other in their bosoms once more

Time will tell –

If glass door annihilates this misguided humanity

Or resurrects- long forgotten fraternity.


© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 23rd -24th April, 2016










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