Putul’s World


Day 21 & 22

Prompt: Paper Dolls

Epitome of Friendship


Little Putul sits in her corner of the pavement

Lovingly uttering words of endearment

The expressionless eyes of her paper dolly

Seemed to overlook her poverty being a folly

The master of the street urchins

A hideous creature reached her in rage shaking

You pathetic girl, good for nothing

Wiling your time instead of begging

Do I dole out food to you mongrels-For idling’?

He shook Putul violently, pulling her by the hair

He looked for the seams of her soul

Where he could her childhood impair

Putul chose to remain calm and impassive

She chose to be her own person in this world placid

She knew, she was different

For the world urchins like her were abhorrent

To the neat societal order they were deterrents

Who could not be supported within urban mechanic arbor

Left to their own wretched fate

They cowered at the beggar masters gate


Putul pitied the urban world and her master baldy

The plastic world of humans to her was a folly

She did not want to be mechanized like them

Chasing money like them to her was a senseless game


Her paper dolly, was her precious gem

A true epitome of friendship

Who never judged her nor made her slave to dictatorship

Her life was hard, unsafe and insecure

Devils tried to stain her mind and body pure

But life on the streets had armed her with arsenals sure

She did not cower, nor hid in her corner of the world

With dolly by her side her fate she twirled

Within her defiance ebbed and swirled

She knew fate could not be standstill

She chose to live life as per her will


Today fate wasn’t by her side

But tomorrow who knows

There could be turn of the tide

Till then she would courageously her time bide

With her paper dolly by her side

She would all hurdles override.


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 21st -22nd April 2016











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