Day 19 & 20

Prompt: Rara Avis & Tag

Maya was fortunate to have a visitor divine

A rara avis with yellow, blue plumes and eyes benign

A bird that Maya was only fortunate to see

Maybe God wanted it that way to be

Maya had lost her will to live

Battling with cancerous cysts had shaken her belief


Staring at the azure blue sky was her soul’s reprieve

A slice of the bustling world visible from her bedroom window

Was her only escape from her life now held in a limbo

Her static world suddenly came alive with the arrival of the bird

Every day at a particular hour the bird perched on her window sill

The bird’s chirping made Maya realize she had a life ahead of her still

Maya started believing that the bird was sent by Divine force

To guide her on her predestined course

Maya’s heart was set on fire

She dragged herself out of her self-created quagmire

She trudged jauntily every day for her chemotherapy

She fought with death  coercing him to extend  her life’s warranty

A conflagration of her will power consumed death’s resistance

Leaving Maya again with a disease free existence

The rara avis that had tagged along her journey towards faith

Now vanished like a wraith

Day and night Maya waited for her seraph to again sing

Alas!there were no more visists from the celestial being

Maya realized her guide would now no more be seen

Maya imbibed the bird’s message in her soul

One must believe in oneself to reach any goal.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 19th– 20th April 2016







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