Day 18

Prompt: Joie de Vivre


Throughout the lonely nights the lady wept in pain

Memories of the time she spent with her soldier refused to wane

She lit a lamp every night with a prayer on her lips

Every hour she checked through out the night the flickering wick

Every night, she poured her heart out by strumming the strings of her sitar

She played with so much joie de vivre, that Gods above shed golden tears

Every note sanctified her love for her soldier

The music united the lady with her lover

The clock on the wall had stopped, stalling time

Time and lady waited fervently for the door bell’s chime

One morning the clock tick-tocked again

There was a rainbow in the sky with verdant rain

A tall sinewy figure was spotted walking down her lane

The doorbell chimed, the door flew open

There was no need for any words lame

All pain ebbed from the lady’s slender frame

The sun shone again through her love struck eyes

Fusing her lips she with his she claimed her soul’s prize.


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 18th April 2016


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