Day 17 & 18

Prompt: 1)The Wall is my sorrow

2)Yes, I have floated on the iceberg of Death


My blood oozes from my veins in a gush

My cuckold soul ebbing out in a rush

Your deceit and treacherous act abhorred

Slashed my heart like a raging sword

I craved death

I detested your every breath

Yes, my love I have floated on the iceberg of death

Since I saw you with another man on our nuptial bed

I was still alive but a walking dead

My faith crushed like the petals of a rose pagan

My emotions frozen into icicle by your treason

Everywhere I turned there were walls sucking my life-force

Till I charted a future course

I stung you with my icy blue lips

Watching remorselessly your red blood




Your consciousness losing its final grip

I embalmed your body on the very same bedroom wall

Your face fading little by little like a mothball

That wall has become my shrine, my sorrow and catharsis

You are entombed eternally on my terms and my space-My nemesis


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 17th -18th April 2016






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