Day 14

Prompt: Flirtation

Come on baby, it’s just light flirtation

Really uncle? It’s rather termed as-molestation

It just started with furtive touch and accidental brush

Her soul at each touch a little more crushed

She kept quiet bearing this living hell

Her family she could not tell

After all, he was a family friend

Or a disguised fiend?

Her self-worth washed away by salty tears

Her innocence blown away by his painful briars

If you love me you won’t anybody tell, was his constant song

He pushed her in that living hell for a year long

Till one day he pushed his pathetic act further one notch

Throbbing with pain she kicked his vile crotch

She finally broke her silence,

her trauma to her family she dislodged

She threw out the door this human pestilence

She was finally reborn through her resilience.

©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 14th April 2016



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