Day 11 & 12

Prompt :  Et Tu Brute !

Passion Fruit


I hear your ominous laughter

I feel my heart slaughtered

My blood staining the pristine river water

I pull on my dithering will power

To foil the murderous intention of you, my lover

A beastly coward that hitherto I had failed to uncover


Stealthily I swim, stumble, fumble and crawl

While I witness you on the other bank prowl

I feel lost in the abyss of my life now lost its course

Your treachery sucking out my life force

I feel like a fool blind all this while

I nurturing our home through my sweat and toil

While you dug into luscious passion fruits

Planting your seeds night after night into newer soil


I came home tonight ecstatic to share my joy

Scarce knowing that to you I was only a lusty toy

We were about to become parents

Your ballistic reaction to the joyous news was abhorrent

I failed to read your devilish thought current


Your sudden decision to stroll near the river bank

I should have guessed was a precursor to a death prank

One shove, a mighty push

Was enough to complete your deadly ambush!

My soul sank into its own dark abyss chanting Et tu brute?


I lost the will to live; I decided to end this charade crude

By sinking and escaping from this world of brutes

When suddenly I saw streams of light from above

Beckoning my life to touch the river shore

I realized it was a reminder from Heaven

Not to entomb my baby beloved



I swam across the tide willing to rebuild my life

My unborn child steered me towards a course right

I decided to focus ahead without emotional strife,

I am dreaming of a tomorrow vibrant, full of glee.

My little heaven would comprise of my seraphim and me

A new dawn would break and from past we would break free.


©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 11-12 April 2016





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