DAY 10
PROMPT: Where you would like the wind to take you?

O! Spirited wind, hear my plea

Take me to that land of majestic beauty

A wondrous place of lavender and honey
Where there is no trace of feelings puny
Let me trace once more his footprints on that ground
Where pure love did once abound
His fiery kiss that seared my soul
And left me in throes of passion untold
O! Once more on his lips let my lips unfold.

My lover, my nemesis
Your thoughts hold my body in an aroused stasis
You did not linger, you did not stay
Like a capricious star you vaunted on your milky way
My world since then has shriveled into dregs of grey
I opened my heart to welcome your charms
All you left me with was a turbid maelstrom
I release you from my heart a little everyday
So that you can follow your capricious ways
My unquenchable love coerces me to pray
For your return to my passionate hearth one day
Once more our bodies will fuse in mindless array
Swaying and writhing together in abandon gay.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 10th April 2016


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