The Blooming




Prompt: Murk

Anand babu trundled down the murky lanes

Of Sonagacchi where every room witnessed fleshly chains

Night after night new sojourners of Earthly dust

Visited the brothels in midnight wanderlust.


Anand babu’s steps halted at Pushpa’s door front

Pushpa, a bubbling fount of celestial realm

In the sulfurous muddy ensnared territory

Pushpa was a fallen star, a ravished dream


Pushpa could only sense his bleeding heart

While his wife enjoyed her time from him apart

Anand babu’s weary feet and heart draw sustenance

From Pushpa’s wisdom and divine countenance


Pushpa admonished Anand Babu to return from where he came

Lest, society put him into shame

She saw the goodness that burned within his soul

And felt the he should bestow love on a more worthy goal


She knew the empty, dark expanse of Sonagachhi’s space

Could only provide bestial pleasure to human race

Her forced existence would never bestow star-light

As society named women like her as a blight


Failing to put sense in Anand Babu’s love struck mind

Pushpa one day vanished into lanes blind

She could not let their lives get anymore entwined

The pure lotus of love that had blossomed in their hearts

Would sustain them till death blessed them with a new start.



© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 7th April 2016


P.s. A tribute to the movie ‘Amar Prem’





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