A Blob of Flesh


Day 5

Prompt: Why Fret?

Oh! Why Maya, why fret

Overcome your dread

Think of your life ahead instead

It is nothing but a blob of flesh

Within an hour there would not be any trace

You know Maya, know it well

For babies right now in my life there is no place

You are aware my parents disapprove your caste, creed and race

Marriage in our live-in relationship was never an agenda

So don’t use this fetus now for your propaganda

Now don’t start crying Maya, go, get it done with, and be brave

The trolley was carted into the sterile murderous cave

Within minutes the throbbing life was nipped in the bud

Ripping the dreaming mother’s heart into million shards

The mutilated mother returned  to the house of the  upstart

For society till now she might have been a wanton harlot

But tonight she was the bereaved mother of a precious life lost

Maya fretted, she sweated, she regretted

She looked at her stomach and the umbilical cord truncated

She searched around the room agitated

Finally she let her neck rest against the rope elongated

A shove and  all her anguish forever subsided

The upstart carried on his life as if Maya never existed.

©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, 5th April 2016

P.S..a little reminder to all including me that life is too precious to throw at away for somebody else’s selfishness. Love yourself, love your life

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