Test of Fire

Day 4
Theme: Crunch time

Sita sat flushed with happiness in a room decked with flowers
She stared at henna stained hands dreaming of her love bower
Soon very soon she would blossom into a flower
When finally she would garland her man in the happy hour

Her childhood friend entered the room with a tinkling laughter
Prancing around the would- be- bride engaging her in silly banter
Sita could tarry no more so eager was she to unite with her groom
She nudged her friend to guide her to the marriage altar soon

Happily the two friends walked towards their goal without a falter
Their happy feet halted when they saw Sita’s father running helter- skelter
Her father now knelt before the groom’s father and placed his turban on the altar
The groom’s father blind with greed immediately demanded a car, furniture, fifty lakh cash in that order

Sita stood transfixed with horror witnessing the blatant display of greed and power
The flowers,her red banarasi, the gathered milieu made her in shame cower
Sita in her eyes sunk lower witnessing her father shredding his self respect
So much abomination in the name of securing her future prospect

Sita could witness this farce no more
She wiped her tears and let her belief in righteousness soar
She pulled the garland from her neck and crushed the flowers under her feet
She forbade her father from entreating to the family of cheats

Sita smudged the sandalwood dots on her forehead
She edged towards the auspicious fire with a determined tread
With a final scathing look at the shocked groom
She tossed her wedding band in the fire watching her respect once more bloom

She held her father’s hand and told the stupefied groom
Her family for avarice had no room
Her now free feet crunched confidently on the shattered relationship fetters
Like the Sita of the past, this Sita too surpassed the test of fire without a jitter
Like a free bird she let her feathers in the azure blue flutter.

©Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, April 2016


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