A Chance Encounter

Day 3

On a lonely summer night
Lost in thought I sunk my feet in the soft sand
Blissfully soaking in the moist air, watching the ocean’s might
I gazed wistfully at the beckoning lights of distant land
I was a lone woman bathing in the silvery moonlight
My reverie was suddenly broken
Few metres ahead a pair of flippets toiled unshaken
Splashing away the sand relentlessly
While a few stray dogs hovered nearby barking atrociously
The toiling mother stopped for a second
Turned its eyes towards me with silent plea fecund
I roused my pregnant body rotund
Shooed away the mongrels within a second
The flippers graciously returned to its nest building job
And worked towards its goal non stop
After what seemed an infinite passage of time
The robust turtle paused its flippers sand daubed
Knowing instinctively that the time now was prime
One by one she discharged the oval moons in the sand pit
The eyes of the new mother seemed with pleasure lit
With the future safely ensconced
The mother retreated to its oceanic home bit by bit
I was left on the beach again alone
My heart overwhelmed by the beauty of this serendipity
Two women of two diverse specie now bound in silken ties of dignity
(C) Paromita Mukherjeeojha, April 2016


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