My Precious One

Day 2-On Autism

Hush! My bonny fairy
Night has seeped in, go off to sleep
I promise you my child
I would no more weep
Through all tribulations steep
My love for you would only grow deep
You are perfect to me in every possible way
Your tremulous smile holds my heart in sway
Everyday I see a little bit of you slip away
I fear what in future lay
So I am more determined to fight my fears
So that I can confidently wipe away your tears
For me, you are my precious one till eternity
Every facet of you is sublime
You are my reason to live till end of my time
I know God chooses select few to walk on this path proudly
Nurturing their precious child with love abundantly
I promise you my dear, no force would be able to draw us apart
As you will always own a piece of my heart
(C) Paromita Mukherjeeojha, April 2016


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