April-Bidding Adieu to the Queen

The golden russet hues of the forest
Blended beautifully with the coat of the mightiest
The month of April did daub the forest
With vibrant colours that she held dearest
Frolicking with her four cherubs
The proud mother edged forward through the shrubs
The silvery sheen of the mossy water green
Lured on the forest queen
The family of five dipped their parched tongues
In the silvery elixir of life
The elixir burned their throats
One by one the might five bodies did float
Thrashing the water, writhing in pain & strife
The villagers hidden nearby gloated
To see the queen and her family die alright
They had poisoned the water body
So that these tigers would no more attack anybody
The forests belonged to humans
Man and tiger cannot thrive together
Killing tigers was a perfect solution
No more would the tigers burn bright
In the forests of the night
The humans had ensured that with their foresight

Copyright :Paromita Mukherjee Ojha,1st April 2016

P.s. This is my homage to the queen of Pench tiger reserve who alongwith her cubs was killed recently by thoughtless humans. Humans had poisoned the water hole that the Tigress frequented…


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