Karna’s Wife by Kavita Kane


Karnas Wife: The Outcast’s Queen

By Kavita Kané

Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen tells the extraordinary story of Karna, the unsung hero of the Mahabharata, through the eyes of his wife Uruvi, bringing his story to the reader from a unique perspective. An accomplished Kshatriya princess Uruvi falls in love with and dares to choose Karna, a sutaputra over Arjun, Uruvi comes to terms with the social implications of her marriage very soon.Karna’s Wife is an extraordinary saga of a Kshatriya princess Uruvi who dares to choose the proverbial dark hero ‘Karna’ over Arjuna. She defies social ostracization believing in the strength of her love. Karna is presented in a completely new light, his predicament, his liabilities; unwavering loyalty to the anti-hero Duryadhona is beautifully etched in the pages of this novel. Uruvi through her foresight and wit becomes Karna’s guiding force, but even she fails to rewrite what fate had in store for Karna. The bloodbath in the Kurukshetra becomes inevitable due to power struggle and corrupt morals of the Kauravas. Kavita Kane has succeeded in highlighting the angst of a daughter, a wife, a friend, and the pain of helplessly witnessing the inevitable death of one’s husband. Certain lines are however a little repetitive in the novel and could have been done away with. Overall an interesting portrayal of a not so well known character from ‘The Mahabharata’. Kudos to Ms. Kavita Kane for painstakingly recreating a bygone era.

Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2016


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