My attempt at The Roseate Sonnet form inspired by Doc. Koshy..Thank you for introducing me to this new form…Not sure whether my attempt fits the bill however my consolation is I tried …..Hope I get to read your book 


The rose hued sky is spilling a bouquet of rose petal lights –
The sea is suffused with crystals glimmering bright
The dying sun bleeds at the ebbing of this beautiful day
When our love in your heart is losing its sway

How my heart is praying for this final moment to linger
This shimmering moment before our paths are led asunder
Let the jaunty waves answer those difficult questions
And wash away your latest indiscretion

Watch the rosy- hued sky thaw the bitterness in our hearts
Let us rebuild our love from the start

R ise my love, tonight let the real become unreal
O h! Tonight push back those painful choices
S oak this moment surreal; walking together on the salt-sparkling shore
E nd of tonight will hopefully bless us moments of love galore.


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