The Mantis


As I was preparing to be lulled into sleep in my bed

Suddenly I felt a slight tremor on  top of the mosquito net

I was jolted awake and stared straight in a pair of terrified eyes

And two diabolical looking antenna rising high

With a throbbing heart I peered and recognized

That the visitor was a praying mantis who was utterly petrified

I asked the praying mantis, what wind brought you up on the net?

Did you lose your way or came in search of food?

The Mantis seemed to open his mouth as if to speak,

I inched forward my head for a closer peek.

The mantis said: He had to come because we humans are freaks,

We have usurped animal kingdom, forcefully reducing them to pets

We never stop to think before the balance of nature is upset

Animate to inanimate all are part of one set

Pushing the boundary inordinately would annihilation whet

The mantis appealed: Let’s not encroach on each other’s boundaries

Nor covet more than what is required of Nature’s bounties

Let us henceforth be neighbours exemplary.

As I was thinking that I would now be able to bridge the gulf

Between this Mantis and I as a representative of civilized homosapien

The Mantis having delivered his message of plight

Hopped off from the top of the mosquito net

And vanished from my sight

I was left alone to decode his message concealed

Of initiating timely intervention

And set future course all right.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha, August 2015


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