A little girl peered in the room every evening from the door

Watching her father open new vistas of knowledge

For a bunch of students who came to him after their lectures in college

Her father, a banker, after a day’s work smilingly their questions acknowledge

He did not have a crease of tiredness in his brow

He patiently clarified all concepts of Economics for them in a row

He never charged a dime to these students

As he believed in sharing knowledge one need not be prudent

His love for teaching gave him immense pleasure

He believed these students were his real treasure

As they would be this country’s true torchbearer

The little girl watched her father daily engrossed in his noble deed

Who gave equal attention to her in times of her need

He guided the little girl to be strong and stand on her two feet

That is why she grew up to be a emancipated woman

With her feet firmly planted firmly on the ground beneath

That girl never thanked you before, but today she wants you to know

She is proud you are her Baba and she loves you to the core.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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