That brilliant summer of the year 2000

Is still etched in my mind when love entered my heart brazen

Slowly and silently the love potion spread in my veins

My siesta was forfeited by dreams that my heart weaved by the dozen

The first time we meet it drizzled all of a sudden

I took it as a sign from heaven and let my heart’s emotion flow unbidden

You became the captor of my heart and soul

To see you smile became my life’s goal

I left home picked up a job in a different city so that I could see you

While you were finding a foothold in the professional world so new

I worked on odd shifts, took up projects that came my way

So that I could save enough money for the future that ahead lay

You started complaining about the time I couldn’t give to you for frivolities

I thought you would understand that I slogged for us abandoning all gaiety

Slowly your calls became infrequent and your visits minimal

I asked you and you assured you were busy with projects critical

A slow nagging fear started growing in my heart

I could feel it in my bones that something wasn’t right

Then the news from my friends started

Where they saw you with your different female projects assorted

I was working for our Perfect life

You were busy slicing my dreams with your hunting knife

Since that summer of 2000 I have prayed to God to spare me

From waiting and longing……………..

I hope that someday I would regain my Soul and Heart’s sanity

And I would again let the summer showers calm my soul’s yearnings.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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