I am the undead

Miranda, in my ancient heart only you tread

I have waited  centuries for you, woman of my dreams

So when I hold you, why do you scream?

Fear me not, my love, fear me not

In your human heart let me tie my red love knot

Our days would be spent in slumber, nights magical

My love bite will help you escape this world farcical

When we would unite in a physical combustion

Your human sense would undergo spontaneous immolation

We would tread the undead world for centuries

Let this reincarnated path be your new trajectory

Come Miranda, hold my hand, and don’t be shy

No, do not shed those precious tears, please don’t cry

Ahh!! Miranda, NO do not open that window in broad daylight

This ultraviolet light will lock me in a limbo

Why are you laughing Miranda, why this innuendo?

Ouch!! I am burning Miranda, burning in this sunlight

xeroderma pigmentosum is my Achilles’s heels

This Ultraviolet radiation is my death keel

Adieu love, if not in this century,

some other time zone meet we will

I have loved you now, I forever will

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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