In the midst of yellow corns that grow

I stand the lonely scarecrow

For the past seven years through storm and rain

I have withstood neglect and pain

Patiently and diligently the fields I have guarded

Over the years my body has shredded

Nobody bothers to drape me with new clothes

No shoes have ever been put on my gnarly toes

The only lovely company I ever got was of a pair of young lovers

Stealthily they ventured to cuddle near my toes in the corn cover

Their joy pure and laughter filled my lonely hours with love shower

Till one day the village khap elders did discover

The young couple in their love bower

They tried to drag the two apart

The brave hearts held hands steadfast and refused to part

The elders warned them that they belonged to two diverse religious path

Their destinies could never unite and their life together would never start

The lovers shut their ears and believed in each other by heart

The elders brought out their guns

Without hesitation they taught the final cruel lesson to the two upstarts

Their life ended truly before they could their rights assert

I could do nothing but feel helpless and stand since then with a bleeding heart

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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