The majestic eagle soars high in the azure sky

From meeting the gaze of the golden sun also it does not shy

Without a flinch the eagle braves the ether

It deftly crosses the ethereal void without a jitter

In a flash it swoops down and agitates the tranquil sea

Its talons softly kiss the surface of the waves

And grips its prey- a fish naïve

With its huge wingspan the eagle manoeuvres the ethereal white

In boundless soaring flight, it turns towards its nest on the cliff side

The eagle carries the prey to feed its famished child

The months would pass with growing pride the mother would look at her child

Then one fine day the child majestically would over the blue sea glide

The fond mother would also spread her glorious wings by her child’s side

In boundless flight they would soar beyond the ethereal light

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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