In the month of January I found in my balcony dual pigeon

I watched their actions in animation

Throughout the day they brought in bits of grass and twigs

When tired they rested on the ceiling fan and took a nap quick

Realising their intention I called my maid to clean the messy nest

However the determined pigeon couple did not give up their quest

They relentlessly for a week kept on building their nest

My maid grudgingly kept on cleaning their nest and got acutely stressed

I vainly hoped that the pigeons would seek out a place new

While the pigeons began their nest building task anew

One morning I was surprised to find a pristine egg on the balcony floor

I was now ashamed of my previous actions to the core

I realised how vain I was to think I could stop nature’s way

I sought their forgiveness and left grain and water for the new parents on a tray

Day and night I watched the parents gather twigs and incubating the egg

The couple from their duty never took a break

The egg was never unguarded

Finally their patience was duly rewarded

The egg metamorphosed into a tiny fledgling

I watched the trio bonding and the parents proudly cooing

Watching them my mind also underwent a metamorphosis

I appreciated the journey of life and its relative permanence

I watched the feather transform from yellow to blue grey

The young one’s chirping held my heart in sway

The beautiful fledgling finally spread its wings on the blue way

Though my home and heart felt lonely that day

Yet my heart blessed the pigeon family for teaching me a valuable lesson

That we are bound to each other, man and nature in harmonic progression.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015



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