If only I could sleep at night


If only I could sleep at night

My eyelids refuse to shut tight

My mind is tortured with the dread

Would your footsteps again in our home tread?

My husband, a soldier of the nation

You left home a year ago to serve in the treacherous terrains of Siachen

I have heard that in that altitude people suffer from amnesia

Past memories they never regain

Will you also forget me and our love in the bargain?

I know Service to Nation is always before Service to Self

But I don’t want to join families who have with loss of dear ones dealt

As in Siachen, where only the best of friends and fiercest of enemies come by

My home has become a barren landscape where happiness rarely drops by

I pray for securing the nation’s tomorrow you don’t sacrifice our today.

I know it sounds selfish and immature but my heartbreak hopes for no other cure

Come back safe, come back soon, so that these sleepless nights I can again endure.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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