Mirror, Mirror on the wall you have not been fair to me at all

You have truthfully reflected my pain withal

Pain that I had wanted to hide, to bury my fall

I could not help it, but cheat him I did

While he had bestowed all his emotions on me so candid

He laid his heart, his life, his honor at my feet

I trampled them ruthlessly, to give into fleshly desire

The guilt of my impulsive actions has now stuck to my heart like a briar

Our relationship went asunder,

Was it worth it I wonder?

I fear to look at you now Mirror

I know I will never win back that love so truer

I now look through you, as I dread to look at you straight Mirror

Whenever I look at you, I see my guilt and shame

All my thoughtless actions reflected in that single frame

Every day, I see nobody standing by my side

I see no hand holding mine through the struggles I everyday tide

I witness the pain in my soul that I hide in my pride

I hear my soundless cries, I now pray to God to be my guide

I don’t want to see this naked painful truth anymore

I can’t help it, but you have become to me a mirror sore

I have to break you mirror, shatter you to the core

So that I don’t have to see my scarred soul through you anymore

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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