Kill you, you dastardly man, kill you I did, absolutely in a concrete way

That your soul should rest in peace, every moment I still pray

Actually you were never a victim while I was your prey

Plotting your murder drove me to sleepless nights and few hairs turned grey

Killing you has helped me attain peace equal to salvation

Now my heart won’t allow any more emotional deviation

~I wiped you my love- wiped you finally away from my life- I am saved from any more emotional strife~

Love you; I did in one thousand different ways

Our magical nights, stolen kisses, entwined bodies held my heart in sway

Till I discovered you conjoined on our nuptial bed with a strange woman in the month of May

Your misdemeanour you never did repent

I thus have no cause to lament

Finally I have become the Mistress of my destiny

My future life will definitely bear its testimony.

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha


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