Ma, to me you are a woman incredible

Your struggle for my existence is indelible

When you conceived, girl or boy you weren’t sure

That didn’t stop you from that moment to love me to the core

The day I was born

You did face a lot of scorn

Oh!! It’s a girl, people and relatives around exclaimed in exasperation

We will not take responsibility of bringing her up they said with derision

Look!! How dark she is, such an ugly thing..

She definitely cannot be a part of our being

A burden she will always be

Draining family finances now and in future for school and college fee

Give her up, disown her, and give her for adoption

We will be better off without this abomination

With such ugly looks, sickly body she definitely will be a disgrace

In future marriage market no boy will accept her with grace

Think how much dowry would need to be arranged

All for this pathetic girl, wouldn’t that be very strange?

My mother stoically bore this tirade

With emotions fleeting on her face myriad

With voice as cool as ice, and looks that could kill

She proclaimed, ‘she is my daughter keep her I will’,

Black or white, pretty or sickly

For me, she will always be my baby

She is a part of my being

To protect her I will fight against all odds, kith and kin

I cherish and love her with all my heart

All of you completely understand and respect that for a start

If you still persist in discriminating between girl and boy

Doors of my home will forever be shut for you, let me tell you that without being coy

All  those who were around,  at my  mother’s words were aghast

Over the years in your belief Ma, you have remained steadfast

I owe my very existence to you, My  Ma

Ma, to me you will always be a woman absolutely incredible

Your strength has made me believe that everything is definitely possible..

© Paromita Mukherjee Ojha 2015


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